Grand Children of Norm and Debbie and family

I don't think they are that big...

Debbie and grandbaby Colebie

Colebie and Sarah

Jericka, Debbie, Colebie and Jada

Debbie and Betty

Erick, Debbie and Sarah

Jake and Debbie

Betty, Diane and Debbie

Debbie and the kids at Smoke Eaters softball game.


Jake, Jada and Jericka


Keeper of the Plains and the Kids 2009

lazy days on the hammock

Nice day at the ball park

That was funny


Slurpee good

ewwwww a snake at Tanganyeka wildlife park

watching TV after a motel swim

Jake at the neighborhood pool

The Kids at Willo Esque pool

May 10, 2010